Policies and Procedures and Governance Documentation 2024 2025

Abusive, Persistent or Vexatious Complaints

Allotment Application Form

Allotment Fees

Allotment Rules and Regulations

Asset Disposal Policy

Asset Register

Capability Procedure

Cash Handling Policy

CCTV Data Impact Assessment

CCTV Policy

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Complaint Form

Community Engagement & Communication Policy

Councillor Co-option Policy

Councillor-Officer protocol

Data Breach Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Employee Handbook

Employers Liability Certificate


Financial Regulations

Fixed Asset Capitalisation Policy

Fixed Asset Policy

Flexible Working hours policy

Freedom of Information Requests

General Privacy Notice

GNRI Process

Grant Application Form

Grant Awarding Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Holiday Entitlement Policy

ICT Policy


Lone Working Policy

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption Leave Policy

Members Expenses Policy

Members Register of Interest – held by SHDC

Memorial Application Form

Memorial Policy & Regulations

Monument Plaque Application Form

Planning Response Policy

Play Equipment Policy

Policy on Handling Freedom of Information Requests

Procurement Policy

Public Complaints & Concerns Procedure

Publication Scheme

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Reference Policy

Reserves Policy

Risk Register

Scattering of Ashes Policy

Staff appraisal policy

Standing Orders

Stress Management Policy

Subject Access Requests Procedure

Terms of Reference

Training & Development Policy

Tree and Log Policy

Volunteer Policy