Your Council

The Council is made up of 18 elected volunteers who serve a 4-year term and represent 4 wards in the parish. The full Parish Council meets monthly and in addition, there are 6 committees with responsibilities for the Parish Council’s day-to-day functions.

There are currently seven vacancies on the Council and seven have been through the prescribed procedure with no election being requested so will now be filled by the co-option process at a meeting of the parish council.

Should anyone wish to be considered for these vacancies, they should apply in writing to the council. 

For more information, please contact the Clerk.

Or see the Co-option policy

The next Parish Council elections will be held in May 2023.


Town Ward

MarkCllr Mark Murfet


Councilor Holding Image

Cllr Safir Hussain


Steve Lewis

Cllr Steve Lewis 

Councilor Holding Image

Cllr Timothy Wiltshire




Hurn Ward


Cllr Rick Stevens

Councilor Holding Image

Cllr Clive Turner

Councilor Holding Image

Cllr Chaz Simpson

St Johns Ward 


Drove Ward